An Experienced, Skilled And Aggressive Fighter

Lisa Torraco is in the business of defending the innocent and getting second chances for the guilty.

Excellence In Legal Service For The People Of New Mexico

Lisa Torraco

A Revered Attorney With A Passion For Criminal Defense

Lisa Torraco is a former prosecutor with a solid background in public service. She served as a State Senator in New Mexico, where she was a leader in criminal justice reforms. Her work in the senate earned her a New Mexico Common Cause Good Government Award for sponsoring and passing a voter registration bill. She is also a former adjunct law professor and remains active in higher education, mentoring law students and teaching. Her skills and passion for the law have led many lawyers to seek her out as mentor and as a sounding board for legal strategies.
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Never Settle For Less Than The Best

Lisa Torraco Law has a reputation as one of the southwest’s leading criminal defense litigators. Lisa Torraco earned that reputation through hard work and commitment to excellence. When she takes a case, she is committed to fighting charges and going the distance. Lisa fights with passion.

At Lisa Torraco Law, we do not settle for second best in anything we do. We only use the best experts, from investigators to criminal forensics. We seek expert witnesses who are at the top of their fields, and even our interns go through a rigorous vetting process. Our clients expect the best, so that is what we deliver.

Lisa Torraco

Advocating For The Rights Of Gun Owners

As a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, Lisa Torraco respects your right to bear a firearm. She is a fierce defender of the Second Amendment and will fight tenaciously to ensure your right to protect yourself and your family. She takes great pride in her record of success representing clients accused of gun crimes. Lisa Torraco is a champion of the second amendment and does not shy away from difficult cases involving firearms. Call 505-308-6800 or use the form below to contact Lisa Torraco Law.