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For clients facing serious felony charges, attorney Lisa Torraco provides aggressive, strategic criminal defense services. She is a well-respected former prosecutor and state lawmaker who can skillfully guide clients through New Mexico’s complicated criminal justice system.

Protecting Client Rights Throughout New Mexico

At Your Side In State, Federal And Military Courts

Criminal Defense

From juvenile law to grand jury investigations, defending clients against serious state, federal and military criminal charges.

Weapons Charges

Using a weapon is not always a crime. Lisa Torraco defends clients contending with a full range of firearms charges.

Gun Rights FAQ

Preserve your Second Amendment rights by reading this refresher on the laws surrounding gun ownership.

How Can I Restore My Gun Rights?

Don’t let fear or misinformation keep you from having your gun rights restored after a criminal conviction. Hire an attorney who supports your lawful gun ownership.

Consulting Services

Lisa Torraco’s experiences enforcing the law as a prosecutor, making laws as a state senator and defending clients charged with breaking the law as a defense attorney make her an ideal choice when you need guidance as an attorney.

Lisa Torraco

100% Criminal Defense, 100% Of The Time

Attorney Lisa Torraco Law has a track record as one of the southwest’s leading criminal defense litigators. She has built a solid reputation over the last three decades as an intense lawyer who works hard for her clients. She has a passion for excellence and is committed to attaining it in all that she undertakes.

When attorney Torraco takes a case – from drunk driving and drug possession to murder, sexual battery, conspiracy, forfeiture or conspiracy – she helps her clients understand the charges, investigates the nature of the arrest, scours every corner for evidence and uses the law to build a meticulous defense. Ms. Torraco networks with highly skilled experts such as investigators and criminal forensic specialists at the top of their fields to ensure fairness and justice in the courtroom.

A Staunch Advocate For Gun Owners

As a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, Lisa Torraco respects your right to bear a firearm. A prominent defender of the Second Amendment, she will fight tenaciously to ensure your right to protect yourself and your family. She takes great pride in her record of success representing clients accused of gun crimes and does not shy away from difficult cases involving firearms.

Understanding The Law From All Sides

Ms. Torraco’s professional experiences have strengthened her ability as a criminal defense lawyer. She is a former prosecutor with a solid background in public service. She served for four years as a state senator in New Mexico, where she was a leader in criminal justice reforms. Her work in the senate earned her a New Mexico Common Cause Good Government Award for sponsoring and passing a voter registration bill.

As a former adjunct law professor at the University of New Mexico School of Law, she also remains active in higher education, mentoring law students and teaching. She is frequently sought by other criminal defense attorneys as a mentor or a consultant for legal strategies.

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Lisa Torraco
Lisa Torraco

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