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Build Your Best Defense With Lisa Torraco Law

Last updated on April 17, 2023

Attorney Lisa Torraco has successfully represented clients in a full array of criminal defense cases over the past 15 years. As a former prosecutor, she understands how to evaluate a case and counter the strategies of the prosecution. As a former State Senator who fought hard for smart, effective criminal justice reform, she is always ready to protect the constitutional rights of her client. If the prosecution insists on pressing charges, she can go the distance in any local, state or federal court.

Ms. Torraco has a sterling reputation as a defense lawyer in New Mexico. She mentors law students and early-career lawyers and consults with other attorneys on tough cases. Her focus in all these endeavors is to protect truly innocent clients and provide second chances for people who have made a mistake.

Adept At Handling Complex, High-Stakes Cases

Ms. Torraco has successfully represented clients facing serious, life-altering felony charges again and again, employing her analytical skills, her background as a prosecutor, and her persuasive skills in the courtroom. Some of the case types she frequently takes on include:

  • Weapons charges and gun law violations, in which she investigates how the prosecution constructed its case and identifies if there was any misapplication of complex federal or state gun laws
  • Rape and other sex offenses, where she carefully reviews the relationship of the accused to the person making the allegations, as well as relevant physical evidence
  • DWI and related intoxicated driving arrests, where she looks at evidence of probable cause, as well as how field sobriety and blood/breath tests were administered
  • Murder and assault allegations, in which she reviews the forensic evidence and acts quickly to preserve witness accounts and crime scene details
  • Drug charges, including drug trafficking, where she reviews the evidence for signs of inappropriate tactics by law enforcement, such as illegal search and seizure

If your arrest has generated media attention, Lisa Torraco can handle requests for interviews and position your case so that you receive a fair trial.

Finding Effective Ways To Present Your Story To The Judge And Jury

Ms. Torraco places great emphasis on sharing her client’s story with the judge and jury during criminal proceedings without placing them at risk of cross-examination.

New Mexico is one of the few, if not the only, state that allows polygraph results to be presented to the jury on the merits of the case. Federal courts also admit polygraph results as evidence during the sentencing phase of a trial. Ms. Torraco utilizes polygraph experts to interpret the results, framing the accused’s story within the testimony of a licensed professional.

Other professionals that Ms. Torraco often partners with during cases include defense investigators, crime scene reconstruction specialists, forensic video modelers and psychological assessment clinicians. The testimony and other contributions of these highly trained professionals frequently add credibility to a defendant’s case.

Contact Ms. Torraco For A Consultation Today

Ms. Torraco has more than 30 years of experience as an attorney in New Mexico. If you are facing a legal crisis, she is talented at turning cases around in her clients’ favor.

To schedule an initial consultation about your case, call 505-244-0530 or send an email inquiry.